16 people? Seriously? How?

There are 12 bike seats (6 on each side) and a bench in the back seating 3, and a spot in the middle with the guide.

What is included?

  • A fun and entertaining guide
  • Cups for your beverages
  • Music
  • Wristband to receive exclusive drink and food specials

What if I have more than 16 people?

Rent both bikes – contact us for more info. An automatic 20% gratuity is added to reservations of both bikes.

Can I decorate?

Yes! Bring it! All decorations must be socially appropriate, and we cannot cover our signage.

How fast is this thing?

The bike averages out at about 5 mph on flat ground.

Can I drink alcohol on the bike?

Yes, BYOB (bring your own beer/beverages). We have tap service on the bikes for pony kegs.  Sprock n’ Roll will provide cups as the City of Memphis requires no open containers in cans/bottles. NO GLASS PERMITTED! Please bring your beverages, ice, snacks and water. Memphis’ heat and humidity can be sneaky. 

Can I take pictures?

ABSOLUTELY!! Please do! Our guides are happy to take pictures with whatever device you have.

Can we bring a keg?

You may bring a pony keg.  This is a great option as we provide tap service (the CO2 and pump) and cups.  All you need is the beer!  Boscos offers a $55 pony keg to our customers with 3+ days notice.  Give them a call at 901-432-2222 and let them know you are riding with us.  Tin Roof offers a $59 pony keg of Ghost River or Mich Ultra.  Email them at jock@tinroobars.com to reserve your keg.  4+ days advanced notice is required.

What is Sprock n' Roll?

Sprock n’ Roll is Memphis’ BEST party bike. Round up a group of fun friends, and come check out our 2 hour long pedaling pub crawl tours. Bikes can fit up to 16 people. Got more than 16 people? We have two bikes to accommodate your large group. Don’t have 16 people? At least 8 people are required for the bike to move comfortably.

Can we wear costumes or dress up?

Of course!! We love a themed party! Just be aware of the length of your garments and costumes. You don’t want them getting caught in the pedals.

Damage/Late Fees?

We reserve the right to charge your credit card following the tour if necessary. Since Sprock n’ Roll bikes are powered by its passengers, they control the speed at which the tour progresses. For scheduling purposes, however, it is necessary that the tour end within 15 minutes of the scheduled return time.

Late Fees

  • 15-20 minutes late = $65
  • 20-25 minutes late = $80
  • 25-30 minutes late = $100
  • 30-60 minutes late = $200
  • More than 60 minutes late = $250+/hr
  • Abandoning a Mixer tour before the end = $100
  • Damage Fee = Cost of Repair

Do we have to go in the bar at the stops?

Absolutely not!  You may chill on the bike with your cold beverage.  Bar stops are an opportunity for you to take advantage of our exclusive specials and to give you a break.  You may find a bar you are DYING to come back to.  You will also appreciate the stops as pedaling for two solid hours would get old REAL quick.

Do you have to pedal?

Ummm, duh!!! Yes! Although we do have a motor assist, pedaling is necessary.  As with all party bikes, the motor is strictly an assist that is helpful on inclines and long stretches.  Come on, it's a BIKE you big goof. Don’t be a weenie, you can do it!!

How long is the tour?

All tours are 2 hours long.

How many people can ride?

A minimum of 8, maximum of 16

How much does it cost?

Tours will be booked by reservation online. Depending on your day, tours will range from $250 - $400 for two hours of a heck of a good time. Check current pricing here . Don’t forget about your driver. Tipping of at least 15 – 20% is encouraged and appreciated.

Is it dangerous?

It is no more hazardous than riding a regular bicycle. However, as with anything, there is always a risk involved so ride at your own risk.

I’m pregnant, can I ride?

This is entirely up to you and your doctor. If you do choose to ride, sit on the bench in the back rather than a pedaling seat to ensure your safety.

Should I tip the guide?

Our drivers work on tips so it is always appreciated! 20% is customary for private groups. Automatic gratuity of 20% will be added for use of multiple bikes and corporate functions.

We don’t have 8 people to fill the bike?

Check out our “ Mix N' Mingle Tours ” on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We have a few more people over the 16-person limit. Can we squeeze them on?

No. Sorry. It’s against insurance and the City of Memphis rules.

Weather policy?

We ride rain or shine. We will contact you of a cancellation due to weather, so please don’t assume your tour is cancelled. You will not receive a refund if you don’t show.   Weather cancellations can occur up to the time of the tour.  Safety is our #1 priority, we will not allow a tour to ride in lightning or severe weather. If your tour is cancelled within the first hour, you will be provided a rain check.


What if I can’t pedal?

No biggie! There are only 10 seats with pedals. The remaining 6 can just relax.

What is the cancellation policy?

Private Tours

  • Full refunds on Deposit for cancellations made 14 days prior to tour
  • Forfeit deposit for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to tour
  • Rain check (good for 90 days) for those who cancel prior to 48 hour before tour
  • Cancellations made less than 48 hour prior to tour will not receive a refund or rain check and forfeit the full amount charged/owed
  • No shows will be charged full amount of tour with no refund or rain check offered/allowed

Mix N' Mingle Tours

  • Full refund for cancellations made 7 days prior to tour
  • Rain check (good for 90 days) for those who cancel prior to 48 hour before tour
  • Cancellations made less than 48 hour prior to tour will not receive a refund or rain check and forfeit the full amount charged/owed
  • No shows will be charged full amount of tour with no refund or rain check offered/allowed


What should I wear?

We DO NOT suggest high heels or jeans in the summer. You will be pedaling, so work out clothes are a great option.  Please dress according to the weather.  

When and where should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure to fill out your waiver and receive your wristband. If you are riding Downtown, you will find us in the Alleyway behind Tin Roof and Wet Willies off of Beale Street.  If you are rolling in Midtown, find us at 2045 Madison Avenue.

Who can ride?

Anyone 18 years and older may ride. Please bring a Valid ID.

Who drives?

We have a sober and fun driver who will make your tour a blast!

Will I get sweaty?

Have you ever been to Memphis in the summer?  You perspire by simply walking out the door.  So, yes, the likelihood of some sweat is pretty high.  Dress appropriately.  If you are going out afterwards, a change of clothes and deodorant will come in handy.


Bachelorette Parties, Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, Parades, Family Reunions, Corporate Events, etc.

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