Holiday Party

Holiday party ideas perfect for every event!

Doing some research on holiday party ideas that will be fun for everyone? Sprock n’ Roll Party Bikes love to host all celebrations, including your holiday party. Whether you are sporting your Halloween costume, your tacky Christmas sweater, or wearing green for St. Paddy’s Day, we are happy to have you on board!  Celebrate holidays a whole new way riding through the streets of Downtown Memphis with a cold (or hot) drink in hand and friends and family at your sides! Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Artsy Fartsy Tour

Share Book Now Would you like to channel your inner creative self while having tons of fun doing it?  Then this tour is for you!  Sprock n' Roll Party Bikes and Art Project in Midtown, Memphis have teamed up to offer you the Artsy Fartsy Tour.  This tour begins creating your masterpiece at The Art [...]

Progressive Dinner Tour Midtown

Share Book Now Among the many things Midtown has to offer, food is at the top of the list! Enjoy a progressive dinner tour and party bike ride in Midtown, Memphis with Sprock n' Roll Party Bikes. How does it work? This mouth watering party bike excursion will begin and end at 2166 Central Avenue.  BYOB, [...]

Progressive Dinner Tour Downtown

Share Book Now When you think about Downtown, Memphis it is a no brainer that many think of the party, the blues, the River, and Beale Street.  Those who know better, think about the FOOD!  Enjoy a progressive dinner tour and party bike ride in Downtown, Memphis with Sprock n' Roll Party Bikes. How does it [...]


Tips For A Memphis Holiday Party

  • The best holiday party ideas always dawn great decorations! Deck the halls (or the party bike) with decorations for any holiday you are celebrating!
  • A great idea for a holiday party everyone will appreciate? Themed cocktails for the occasion! Make your mix drink in advance and bring it in a plastic pitcher! For example: may we recommend a ‘Dublin Iced Tea’ for your next St. Patty’s day celebration? It’s dangerously good!
  • Create a holiday-themed playlist to get in the spirit! Maybe have a maximum limit on how many times ‘Monster Mash’ can play for the sanity of our drivers…